growing leaders. strengthening communities.

Today’s complex urban environments present constantly evolving challenges and opportunities, creating an increasing need for versatile leaders with the ability to forge connections and lead across the business, government, and nonprofit sectors.

Coro Pittsburgh provides a distinctive opportunity for diverse, civically-minded people to develop the skills, knowledge, and networks that enable them to create unique solutions in partnership with others.


With communities as the proving ground, and the cohort as the learning model, Coro participants learn to affect change within systems by leveraging strengths of many different kinds of people, organizations and institutions.


why Coro

Coro brings together master trainers in human development, a vast network of subject matter experts in various urban policy issues, partner organizations from all sectors committed to social change, and diverse, passionate leaders. Together, we spark the transformations that are making Pittsburgh a thriving and inclusive community.

When you join a Coro cohort, you will…

deepen your awareness of self

Through formal self assessments, sustained dialogue with others, and intensive feedback, you will define what matters most to you, identify the gifts you bring to the larger group, and reveal blind spots that limit your creativity in solving problems.

deepen your awareness of the system

Through a structured inquiry into the social and policy issues that matter most to the people in your cohort, you will engage diverse subject matter experts in order to discover leverage points for making change in community and organizational systems.

develop yourself

By following a formal plan for self-development, receiving intensive mentoring, and expanding your social network, you will move from self awareness to self development, cultivating new skills and surrounding yourself with mentors who can help you to realize your potential to succeed in uncharted leadership roles.


change the system

By broadening your network of partners and applying tools to facilitate collaboration among many kinds of people, you will learn to develop a compelling, shared vision, set joint goals, and distribute responsibility in order to leverage the power of your network to realize change in systems.

growing leaders. strengthening communities.

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