We are Coro Pittsburgh.


We foster the leaders, who spark the transformations that make Pittsburgh thrive.

Enable lasting change. Sometimes it’s hard to feel like you’re really making a difference, like your efforts are worth something. That’s why at Coro Pittsburgh, we invest in a renewable resource: Leaders.

It takes all of us. Diverse perspectives are vital to innovation. Through a regimen of experiential learning and whole system thinking, we create a space for people of every sector, age, gender, race, neighborhood and status to learn and cultivate their leadership qualities.

Contribute greatness. By supplying many different organizations with the invaluable resource of diverse, well-connected, highly adaptive leaders, Coro Pittsburgh strengthens communities and builds our region’s capacity to address our most critical challenges.

Real people real change. Coro programs allow participants the opportunity to explore professional and leadership opportunities while conducting an individual strategic plan for their own growth as leaders.

Be part of the transformation. Coro Pittsburgh: growing leaders, strengthening communities.






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