Public Allies Pittsburgh is a 10-month AmeriCorps program, operated in a partnership between Coro Pittsburgh & Public Allies National. Our mission is to create a just and equitable society and the diverse leadership to sustain it.

Program Components:

Full-Time Paid Social Sector Placement
Allies serve in a nonprofit or government setting 4 days a week, where they develop new skills, learn the day-to-day operations of their organization, expand their professional networks, and increase their understanding of the issues that their communities are facing.


Leadership Development Training
Weekly training sessions, delivered by active community leaders and subject matter experts.


Team Service Projects
Groups of 7-10 Allies focus on a community, explore its assets and collaborate with a local organization to develop and implement a long-term service project to be carried out over 10 months.


Professional Development Coaching
Each Ally works with a staff member to identify post-program education and/or employment goals. Allies and coaches meet regularly to determine appropriate strategies and track progress.


Applicants must be at least 17 years old, have a high school diploma or G.E.D. by 9/2017, be and eligible to work in the U.S.



  • $1,400 monthly stipend (taxable)
  • $5,730 Education Award available upon program completion that can be used to further education or applied towards existing Federal Student Loans
  • Access to Health Care



Max Adams
“I’m excited for the networking possibilities offered through placement, our team service project, and through the alumni. This experience is also a logical step towards becoming a grant writing specialist, in that I am gaining a ground-level  perspective on program execution.”



Brittany Andrews
Pittsburgh Botanic Garden
“Being a Pittsburgh Public Ally is an honor. I hope to be able to gain valuable experience both professionally and personally. My long term goal after this program is to continue my education through medical school.”



Jordan Bailey
PAServes Greater Pittsburgh
“I’m looking forward to being challenged in ways I’ve never been. I’m excited to redirect my career path in a direction more aligned with my values. I hope to gain more leadership skills that will increase my value as a person, employee, and community member. After Public Allies, I want to dedicate my time to an organization that aligns with my values. Short term, I plan on staying in Pittsburgh and working for a non-profit.”



Justin Belton
Office of Innovation and Performance, City of Pittsburgh
“I’m excited to collaborate with city and community based organizations to increase the quality of life for residents through self-empowerment and promotion of programs and policies which hold the needs and well-being of the people precedence over profit driven development. I hope to continue my work in the public sector and eventually become director of a small community based non-profit.”



Lisa Marie Benavides
Homewood Children’s Village
“I’m really excited about the opportunity to work with students in Homewood as well learning more about the community. I definitely want to continue working within the community helping students graduate and achieve their potential!”



Cadedra Burks
Sarah Heinz House
“What excites me is getting to know my cohort, different growth opportunities/ experiences within the community. I hope to gain more experience with children, building relationships, and to develop professionally. I would like to continue at my placement and eventually start an teen girls program about self building/confidence/empowerment, or start my journey towards being a social work case manger.”



Charlotte Butler
412 Food Rescue
“My goals are to build capacity at 412 Food Rescue, learn hard and soft skills to further my career development, and develop a professional network in the nonprofit sector. Next, I plan to go back to school for my Master’s while continuing to work to make Pittsburgh a more livable and equitable city.”



Nicole Campbell
Office of Child Development, University of Pittsburgh
“This year I hope to grow close with the families, students, and staff at Arsenal PreK-5, learn more about their diverse cultures, make new memories at my placement sites and with my fellow allies, and become a better ally to all. After Public Allies, I hope to become a full-time health educator and continue to empower people by educating them and connecting them to health resources and services.”



Jahlise Chard
Community Kitchens Pittsburgh
“I’m excited about having the opportunity to learn in an environment where I’m allowed to try new things and make mistakes. I’m hoping to gain a greater understanding of the challenges that face my community, and what I can personally do to help. My placement revolves around teaching people to cook, so I’m looking forward to sharpening my kitchen skills and learning more about food! I’m really enjoying the work that I get to do coordinating volunteers and teaching young people. I would love to find a full time job at a Pittsburgh based non-profit doing either of these things.”



Laura Coyt Zavala
La Escuelita Arcoiris
“I hope to get to know Pittsburgh and its different neighborhoods’ needs. I want to make connections with different organizations and continue to volunteer. My short-term goals after Allies are to determine what my long-term goals are. I am still deciding between grad school and entering the workforce, and I hope to make connections through Public Allies that would lead to either one of those.”



Emily Donato
Holy Family Academy
“I hope to gain knowledge of Pittsburgh through active community engagement. I’m excited to work toward equity, justice, and peace, and to become my best self so that I might be a useful leader in my community. I hope to work in non-profits for a few years before attending graduate school for Interfaith Studies or Spiritual Direction.”



Meredith Harrison
Kelly Strayhorn Theatre
“As a Public Ally, I hope to further develop leadership skills. I’m confident that being a member of this program will give me opportunities to get outside my comfort zone and take on roles and responsibilities that nurture my growth as a leader. I’m excited for the opportunity to immersed in communities that discuss remedies to the institutional and systemic forms of oppression that leave our society unequitable.”



DéPree Hopkins
Pittsburghers for Public Transit
“I am excited about the opportunity for continuous learning, growth, and opportunities. Connecting with like minded people from various backgrounds. I hope to gain an even deeper insight into who I am and obtain the tools to use to help me on the road/journey to what I want to accomplish in life. Experiences and relationships both professional and personal that will last a lifetime. And so much more!”



India Hunter
New Voices Pittsburgh
“I hope to gain more knowledge about non-profit work and community organizing, and to eventually obtain a graduate degree in public health”



Abby Kane
Reading is Fundamental
“I am excited to be a Public Ally to make a positive impact outside of myself and to personally grow, and to ultimately determine my area of focus for higher education.”



Tessa McArdle
Homewood Children’s Village
“I am excited to be a Public Ally in Pittsburgh because I deeply care about this community. I think Pittsburgh is a very unique and precious place, with a lot to offer. I am excited to refine my leaderships skills and broaden my knowledge of social justice efforts to become the best Pittsburgh resident and person I can be. Ultimately, after Public Allies I would like to find work that truly fulfills me. I believe my time in Public Allies will provide me with the necessary experience and knowledge to begin the next phase of my professional life.”



Lee Moore
Jeremiah’s Place
“I’m excited to take my passion for people, and my passion to make an honest improvement upon the world I live in, and focus it into something substantial. I want to achieve confidence in my own abilities, as well as a professional understanding of the non-profit world. After this year, I hope that I can continue working with non-profits as an advocate for LGBTQ+ individuals. My dream is to one day work with LGBTQ+ youth, in order to create safe spaces for everyone.”



Christian Moore
Bilbe Center Church
“I’m excited about the opportunity to continue growing as a servant-leader, engage in asset-based community development, and collaborate with organizations and individuals within Pittsburgh’s nonprofit sector. My short term goal is to create an organization that equips African American students with the resources to attend and succeed in college. My long-term goal is to hold public office and fight for educational equality on a political level.”



Errin Shelton
Homewood Children’s Village
“I’m excited to do real work with and in the community. I look forward to teaching my students and learning from them. I hope to gain a better perspective on the community I’m working in and how I can help them. My goal is to be selected for a second term with Allies, then go on to finish my education and training to be a teacher within the public school system.”



Terry Thomas
“I am excited about building my personal and professional skills. I hope to gain life skills as well as build up by resume.”



Serena Virgi
Pittsburgh Association for the Education of Young Children
“Being a Public Ally excites me because I get to learn more about the different issues in Pittsburgh communities and how to do something to change them. I am excited to explore my passions while helping others. After Public Allies I hope to continue serving Pittsburgh communities. I hope to work for a nonprofit organization that is youth focused. A long term goal of mine is to attend graduate school.”



Jah M. Wilson
Big Brothers Big Sisters
“I was excited to become an Ally because I’ve always wanted to give back and help communities and individuals (especially the youth). And as an ally, I look forward to meeting new people/networking and gaining leadership skills to help youth and their communities. After Public Allies, I plan on attending grad school for Media Communications, while working on my long term goal of building a company that’s focused on media and youth development in Liberia (West, Africa).”





The deadline to apply for the 2017-2018 program year is August 31st, 2017.
Click here for more info and the application.


Nominate a Public Ally.


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