Why Coro?


Coro advances your leadership by connecting you with master trainers, a wide network of experts in various urban policy issues, partner organizations from different sectors committed to social impact, and other diverse, passionate leaders.


When you join a Coro cohort, you will…

Manage Yourself

Build self awareness required to take risks, step outside your comfort zone and sustain yourself through the many challenges of leadership.

Leadership Competencies

  • Know your strengths, vulnerabilities and triggers
  • Know the story others tell about you
  • Choose among competing values
  • Get used to uncertainty and conflict
  • Experiment beyond your comfort zone
  • Take care of yourself
Energize Others

Build relationships with all the stakeholders of the issue(s) you care about so that you can engage those with influence and those affected but less likely to have their voices heard.

Leadership Competencies

  • Engage unusual voices
  • Work across different stakeholders
  • Start where they are
  • Speak to loss
  • Inspire a collective purpose
  • Create a trustworthy process
Understand the Challenges

Understand the Challenges

Learn from a diversity of styles and perspectives about the challenges you will need to address to have an impact on the issues that matter to you.

Leadership Competencies

  • Explore tough interpretations
  • Distinguish technical and adaptive work
  • Understand the process challenges
  • Test multiple interpretations and points-of-view
  • Take the temperature
  • Identify who needs to do the work
Make Progress on the Challenges

Experiment with different ways to engage all stakeholders and manage conflicts productively so that you can make progress on the challenges.

Leadership Competencies

  • Make conscious choices
  • Raise the heat
  • Give the work back
  • Hold to purpose
  • Speak from the heart
  • Act experimentally

We acknowledge the Kansas Leadership Center for introducing us to this model.

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