“In the Pittsburgh Public School system, there is a lack of communication about how children can be tested for Gifted education and a disturbing inequity regarding which children are given the opportunity to be tested and which children are accepted. This documentary short explores how leaving Gifted children unidentified can affect their education short-term and throughout their entire lives.”

From Leaders in Learning- Coro Pittsburgh 2014-2015 Cohort and Public Allies Pittsburgh alumna and current Coro Executive Fellow, Kristin Vermilya, is this moving documentary short: A GAP in Gifted.

On the project, Co-director Sydney Olberg (LIL ’15) says, “GAP [Gifted Access Pittsburgh] works to eliminate racial disparities/representation in access to PPS [Pittsburgh Public Schools] Gifted programming.”

For those interested in learning more, email Shatara Washington at giftedaccesspgh@gmail.com or visit the website at www.giftedaccesspgh.org.

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