Hi again, this is Greg! The MLK Jr awards ceremony is less than 2 weeks away and I’d like to congratulate everyone who had been nominated as well as the finalists. It is an award ceremony that I feel really acknowledges and signifies the nominee’s projects and movements as very high in caliber, worthy and comparable to that of Dr.King’s himself. To be nominated for one of these awards is a high honor having being considered to have drives and aspirations driven toward a positive change in which were present in Dr.King himself, taking leadership approaches he had taken to set in motion movements that made necessary changes in our society.

It seems as though a commonality within a fair portion of the nominees is black empowerment movements. Ironically given the figurehead that the ceremony is representing, prejudice and a lack of civil rights are still prominent within black communities. I believe this is an important ceremony. It highlights those who are taking the necessary steps to promote equality, ending police violence, giving the African American youth a fair chance to succeed, so on and so forth. It is not riots and needless violence that is needed to fight our cause, it is intelligent black minds who are able to come together and systematically abolish and cleanse this innate bigotry that is floating around in our society.

I provide my absolute gratitude to all of the nominees for working hard putting their dreams in motion to benefit society.